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Casing & Tubing

OCTG Casing & Tubing

Smartengo online offer for casing and tubing threaded pipes has been designed to meet your most challenging requests.
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OCTG Accessories

  • Loose couplings


    Couplings are also known as Loose Couplings and Spare Couplings.Don't get stuck for a while, access our selection of spare couplings and start again your running and make-up operations!... read more

  • Pup Joints & Nipples

    Pup Joint & Nipple

    Pup Joints are also known as Saver Sub, Maker Joint, Space and Pup. Their configuration is box x pin, compared to nipples, which are pin x pin. You will find a solution here with our selection of pup joints and nipples! ...

  • Crossover

    A Crossover is a one-piece tubular section used to join or change two different components with different size of tube, or type of connection or grade. Crossovers are also known as Xover, XO, XOs, Crossover Sub, Crossover Pup, Swage Nipple, Connector... read more

Oil and Gas Mechanicals

  • Base Pipe for sand screens

    A Base Pipe is a full-length tubing or casing, selected to API specification by size, weight and grade to be used to manufacture sand screens joints. Base Pipe will be perforated with series of holes or slots. Access now our best choice for this s... read more

  • Hollow Carrier for Perforating Guns - TCP systems

    Hollow Carrier for Perforating guns are Oil and Gas Mechanical pipes used to manufacture tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) systems.Vallourec offers through Smartengo reliable and state-of-the-art pipes guaranteeing maximum performance of th...

  • Other O&G Mechanical

    O&G Mechanicals are pipes used by Oil Equipment Manufacturers and Oil Field Services companies as raw material to manufacture their proprietary equipment and accessories. Main application are liner hangers, …...

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Process Pipes

Process Pipes

The process pipes are used in the context of hydrocarbon processing such as: fired heater, refineries, topsides and for petrochemicals. read more Services