Lifting Equipments

VAM® lifting tools are compatible with API 8C elevator bores for Non-upset casing and tubing.

As flush/semi-flush connections have no coupling face on which the elevator can sit, specific tools must be used to:

- Safely raise and lower single joints, or in certain cases the entire string.

- Allow peculiar pipe/connection characteristics to be adapted to Standard Square or Slip Type elevators.

- Prevent contact between CRA material and elevator

It is highly important that the pipes as well as the lifting/handling tools shall perfectly fit the elevator in use. In particular, using standard square elevator (even slip type elevators) with semi-flush connections whose box OD at the connection level is slightly bigger than the pipe OD can seriously damage the connections at a critical area.

The users may freely purchase lifting or handling tools adapted to the rig specificities, equipment and procedures. However, the threads shall be machined by a VAM® Licensee.

The VAM® Family have available “proprietary” ready-made designs which address most of the situations and can be offered with the required VAM® Threads as well as specific surface treatment (use with CRA pipes). Their design is optimized for limitation of weight.

Naming and definitions:
• LIFTING SUB: Tool that can lift the full pipe string. The rig elevator is only in contact with the Lifting Sub.
• LIFTING PLUG: Tool that can lift the full pipe string. The rig elevator is in contact with the pipe and the plug face.

Performances: Tension capacity (lower than the string connection due to the safety factor).

Weight (< 25 kg) only for Handling Plug. Low torques (makes up with a bar or strap wrench). For semi-Flush connection, due to internal shoulder, after hand tight make up, there remains a gap between shoulder (string box connection and lifting device).

These equipments can also be referred as: Lifting nubbins, Lifting devices, Lifting plug long, Lifting Plug short.