OCTG Accessories

Smartengo - powered by Vallourec, make available a complete range of steel grades and connections to meet the specific needs of each customer’s development.

Joints are tubular accessories used for spacing out full-length pipe; allowing a change in size, type of connection or weight; or reducing the effect of the erosion on the string wall.

Plugs are short components temporarily connected to the top of a tool assembly or string to perform handling, lifting or testing operations.

Our offer of joints includes the following products:

  • Pup joints: Pipes shorter than range 1. They are used to accomplish exact depth readings in a well, for spacing out production strings and/or completion assemblies. Standard lengths: 2 to 12 feet long, other lengths as needed. Materials: Mechanical tubing; OCTG.
  • Couplings: Connectors that contain two box ends and serve the purpose of joining two lengths of threaded pipes.

Other types of accessories (joints and plugs) are available upon specific request.

You can find Pup Joints, Couplings and more: