OCTG Threaded Pipes Surplus 17-7/8" 93.5# P110 VAM® BOLT R3

As-is OCTG casing pipes - competitive pricing.
VAM® BOLT is Premium Flush Casing connection suitable for tight clearance applications. It is easy to run and provides superior sealabilities and mechanical integrity in extreme loads.
Why choose VAM®BOLT?
Its double metal to metal seals provide internal and external pressure tightness.
It has Maximum compression resistance (100% of the connection yield strength).
The rugged dovetail thread provides excellent mechanical integrity (prevents from jump-out).
In OPERATIONS, fast and Easy running properties thanks to fast make-up with double start thread, improved stabbing, and the square shoulder that provides high break-out resistance and reliable make-up


  • Product Type: OCTG Threaded Pipes Surplus
  • Outside Diameter: 17-7/8"
  • Nominal Weight: 93.5#
  • Grade: P110
  • Connection: VAM® BOLT
  • Length: R3
  • Drift diameter: API

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