Reduce - Reuse - Remanufacture - Recycle

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Vallourec’s strong reputation is the result of the quality of its tubular solutions and its technical expertise.

Asset Up leverages that expertise to offer a reliable revalorization program for your sleeping stock of tubulars.

What is Asset-Up?

  • Initial evaluation to assess the Asset as a whole
  • Field expertise and inspection to make the Asset Up
  • Final revalorization thanks to the Marketplace

What are your benefits? Vallourec make your steel assets great again!

  • Operators and distributors were keen to know what solution Vallourec could offer for the resale of tubes at the end of project life
  • With Asset Up, you can now benfit from a solution that combines Vallourec’s technical expertise and the commercial reach of our digital Marketplace to evaluate your assets and put sellers in touch with potential buyers.
  • By creating a trustworthy market for the resale and re-use of end-of-life tubes, the solution also positions Vallourec as your partner of choice in the circular economy.

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