Unique solution to trace products and track related field operations.

Smartengo Best Fit

What is Smartengo™ TRACEABILITY?

  • Unique identifier for each product
  • Record valuable data at each step of your process using field interfaces and system to system data interfaces
  • Scan the tags on the field to identify tubular products and visualize data
  • Monitor tubular products data and status through Dashboards with valuable insights and KPIs on your process and projects
  • Compatible with multiple tagging technologies (RFID, Datamatrix, QR codes, …)

What are your benefits?

  • Optimize your operations: save time & avoid errors with tubular product tracking and instant access to accurate data on the field
  • Ease quality control all along the tubular product lifecycle by reducing paperwork on the QHSE value chain
  • Enhance visibility on project or transformation progress with KPIs and Dashboards

How does it work?

  • Unique identification tag to warranty unicity and ensure accurate tracking of tubular products

  • Field app to access data during your operations at each step of any tubular products lifecycle

  • Data platform to digitalize data transmission during operations

  • Web portal to monitor the operation status and indicators all along tubular product lifecycle from manufacturing to as-built conditions

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