Trust & Verify: fight fake products, ensure safety and integrity.

Smartengo Best Fit

Since 2015, over 150 cases of forged Vallourec certificates have been reported.
Over 9 000 fake tubes were removed from the market avoiding risks to people, assets and the environment.
Fake pipes are inserted at some point into the system and are often detected too late, after an incident has taken place.
All reputable tube manufacturers suffer from counterfeiting.
Counterfeiters are free riding on Vallourec brand recognition.

What are your benefits?

  • Unique ValGuard Taggant

    An invisible molecule applied on the pipe

  • QR Code and dedicated App

    to authentificate your certificates

  • Easy on-site detection of the taggant

    with a specific ValGuard optical device

  • Real-time authentication

    throughout the supply chain

What is ValGuard?

  • Guarantee the authenticity of your pipes and certificates
  • Protect the reputation of your company
  • Meet your QHSE requirements
  • Save time... and money!
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