Reduce NPT - Fasten Operations - Secure Planning

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Boost your efficiency and reduce costs with VAM® Field Service:
Our team of highly trained technicians based around the world are available to help you plan, verify and deploy your connections.
Using VFS experts helps reduce costs and improve operational efficiency and inventory control throughout the lifecycle of your pipes and connections.

What is VAM® Field Service?

  • The VAM® Field Service department is a service company of the Vallourec Group to support all VAM® users in the world. The core business of VAM® Field Service covers field inspection and make-up associated services in support of the VAM® Connection.
  • VAM® Field Service Centers are available 24/7 in close proximity to oil & gas drilling operations.
  • VAM® Field Service Technicians operate by VAM® standards, described in the VAM® Field Procedures.

What are your benefits?

  • Reduce costs and NPT

    Our Field Services technicians' mission is to take all necessary actions to ensure that the performances of the connection make-ups on the rig will be reached to maintain the integrity of the VAM® connections in your well.You can now avoid non-productive time and guarantee rig operation efficiencies.

  • Faster Operations

    Best practices ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Peace of Mind

    Safety is our priority.
    Operators can rest easy knowing skilled technicians can handle all challenges

The Advice. The Expertise. Wherever you are.

  • You have chosen VAM® connections to operate your wells safely. When you install VAM® connections you want to be sure your assets are run efficiently and perform to the maximum. We ensure your peace of mind from the yard, to the rig and back.
  • Our VAM® Field Service technicians offer you all you need: - Quality Assurance - Time Saving - Tubular Inspections - Make-up supervision - Training of rigsite personnel
  • We help you extract the maximum value from your wells... everywhere you drill.
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